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Archive for December 2016

The Immense Value of Fall Prevention in the Elderly

fall prevention in the elderly

Falls can be tough on any human body. They can be particularly tough, however, on older and more delicate physiques. That’s precisely why it’s so critical to prevent falls in the elderly. If you care about any older person who spends any time alone, it can be optimal to learn some key fall prevention tips.…

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Living with Dementia: A Walk Through

living with dementia

Living with dementia is possibly one of the most isolating things that exist today. While we can sympathize with a sufferer and try to help manage their symptoms, it’s almost impossible for us to know what the person is really going through. In order to make sense out of all of this, there’s recently been…

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When Your Aging Parents Can’t Age in Place

aging parents

What to Know About Assisted Living The National Center for Assisted Living estimates that more than 735,000 people live in assisted living each year. That number might represent a nameless, faceless statistic until it becomes your parents. While it often seems ideal to have elderly parents age in place, that isn’t always the best solution…

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