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Archive for February 2017

7 Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

fun things to do with grandchildren

“Nothing pleases me more than a phone call from one of my sons to tell me my grandchildren are on the way to spend the afternoon with my husband and I. As a grandparent, I simply love spending time with my grandkids. However, what can we do together that is fun both for us, the…

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Senior Driving and Medication Use

senior driving

Driving a vehicle is an important and significant responsibility. People should always do anything they can to ensure complete safety on the road. That’s precisely why it’s so crucial for senior citizens to understand the potential effects medications can have on driving. The use of medication can be problematic to drivers in a number of…

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Senior Exercises to Help You Get Fit

senior exercises

Everyone knows they should exercise. You may even dread the lecture you get at your annual physical: exercise more, we are told, and we’ll feel better, look better, and live longer. Maybe you even began this year making a resolution to find out about the best exercises for seniors and do them every day. But…

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