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Summer Vacations with Senior Respite Care

seniors having fun in respite care facility

Senior Respite Care for Caregivers Taking care of another person is one of most altruistic things a human being can do. Life as a caregiver, however, can also often be extremely tiring and demanding. If you are a hard-working caregiver who could use a little time away from the job, a high-quality respite care facility…

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Handling Age-Related Memory Loss

family helping with age related memory loss

The Aging Process and Memory Memory tends to decline as people get older. Elderly people often joke that they can’t remember what they were doing or saying merely five minutes ago. Age-related memory loss can be quite stressful. They are not usually that big of a deal; however, memory loss with age and dementia are…

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Assisted Living Activities

ladies involved in assisted living activities

Amazing Choices in Assisted Living Activities at Watermark of Gulf Breeze Some people have misconceptions about the assisted living community way of life. They mistakenly believe that it’s boring and dull for residents. That couldn’t be further from the truth for residents at Watermark of Gulf Breeze in Gulf Breeze, Florida, however. Watermark of Gulf…

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7 Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

fun things to do with grandchildren

“Nothing pleases me more than a phone call from one of my sons to tell me my grandchildren are on the way to spend the afternoon with my husband and I. As a grandparent, I simply love spending time with my grandkids. However, what can we do together that is fun both for us, the…

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Senior Driving and Medication Use

senior driving

Driving a vehicle is an important and significant responsibility. People should always do anything they can to ensure complete safety on the road. That’s precisely why it’s so crucial for senior citizens to understand the potential effects medications can have on driving. The use of medication can be problematic to drivers in a number of…

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Senior Exercises to Help You Get Fit

senior exercises

Everyone knows they should exercise. You may even dread the lecture you get at your annual physical: exercise more, we are told, and we’ll feel better, look better, and live longer. Maybe you even began this year making a resolution to find out about the best exercises for seniors and do them every day. But…

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Have You Had Your Cancer Screenings This Year?

cancer screening

One of the best ways to maintain our health as we age is to utilize as many preventive health measures as possible. And these days it is easier and easier to do so. Take, for example, cancer screening. It wasn’t that long ago that early detection was rare. Many forms of cancer weren’t identified until…

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Dementia Behavior

dementia behavior

How to Deal With a Loved One Who Is Living with Dementia Mid- and late-dementia can come with difficult side effects for both the dementia patient and their loved ones. Aggressive dementia can leave the patient feeling angry, paranoid, sad, scared or confused. This can result in serious behavioral changes, such as violence and aggressiveness…

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