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I would like to thank everyone at Watermark for the wonderful job that you do each and every day.  

You have made the transition for my mother, Norma Kearns, so smooth and I could not have found a better environment for her.  The guilt that I have not been able to take care of her is definitely something I have to deal with every day.  Nonetheless, I am at rest knowing that she is a few minutes from my home and is living in a caring and safe assisted living community. I have visited several communities in the Panhandle and had heard rumors about prior owners which is the main reason why I didn’t go and visit Watermark in the first place.  I opted for a place that was 40 minutes from my home and could see that it would be a hassle for me to visit my mother regularly.  I also heard her complain numerous times about the food.  I, therefore, searched for an alternative and visited a number of other assisted living communities.  I finally decided to visit Watermark and move her there. I cannot say enough how the nurses on staff (day/night) are caring and patient. The food is fantastic!  My mother will never really be happy to be in assisted living because she was always dreaming of living by herself and dying in her little house.  Life doesn’t always turn out that way. She is still resistant but we were allowed to bring her furniture and make her place as cozy as it was in her house.  The owners of Watermark have always followed up with me since the day I moved her.  I appreciate the customer service they have provided us and feel like they understand what families are going through.  A few weeks after my mother’s move, I felt suddenly guilty and decided to move my mother back home. I thought I could set up cameras and just watch her remotely while at work.  I gave Watermark 30day notice to vacate.  It was a terrible idea… After a few days, I realized the mistake I had made and how guilt had taken over. My mother fell in the garden and no one was home to help her.  She also left something on the stove in my house that she wandered in, and my house almost ended up burning down. Thank goodness, my son came home from school and was able to help.  After serious thinking, I made the call to Watermark and asked them if she could return.  They understood so well and when I drove her home that night, they had cleaned her room. It was inviting and she was happy to have her own furniture around her.  I am not sure if this email will be put on your blog, but I sure would like people of Gulf Breeze and Pensacola to know that Watermark is where you want your elderly parents to be in.  The new owners have worked hard to make this community the one to choose.  My husband, Dr. Cahill, is a neurologist in Pensacola and he would not hesitate to refer his patients to Watermark.

Thank you Watermark staff!
Kate Cahill