Feeling youthful and energetic can be a challenge even when youth is actually on your side. But as you age, energy levels can drop significantly, leaving you feeling as though your vitality and vigor are but a distant memory. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to boost your energy naturally, giving you a new lease on life that makes you ready to embrace the years ahead.

1. Be a Social Butterfly

Staying social, whether with family or simply with friends, helps prevent feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and loneliness and keeps you feeling active, vital, and happy. Having strong relationships is a great way to boost your energy, so make sure you stay socially active.

2. Chew on This

Rather than eating many refined carbohydrates, which can cause severe crashes in blood sugar after that initial rush and drain your energy, concentrate on consuming foods high in protein. Try lean proteins like chicken, tuna, and turkey as well as sources of protein that also contain healthy fats and fiber.  These foods will keep your energy levels running stronger and your hunger satisfied longer.

3. Don’t Stress

There are a lot of changes that occur in life as we age, and those can present challenges that foster stress. Elevated stress levels drain energy, not only from the body, but also from the heart, the mind, and the spirit. Learning how to manage stress can help keep you energized, regardless of the challenges and changes you face.

4. Get Your Blood Pumping

Your metabolism and muscles are both very much affected by age.  To keep your metabolism humming and your skeletomuscular structure strong, it’s important to stay active with exercise. Try taking brisk walks or finding low-impact activities that rev up your heart rate and get the oxygen flowing to all of your essential systems. You will have more energy to tackle life.

5. Get Your Nutrients

Bone, joint, and muscle health are all key players in keeping you feeling physically strong and energized.  Make sure you’re getting proper amounts of calcium, niacin, folate, and vitamins A through E.

6. Hydrate

Older adults are often at risk for dehydration due to factors, including lack of thirst, disease, and even the use of certain medications that can require an increase in your body’s need for fluids. Staying properly hydrated can reduce feelings of fatigue and even guard against certain health issues, so drink throughout the day and eat water-rich produce as part of your regular diet.

7. Keep Your Mind Sharp

Engaging your brain with creative and mentally challenging activities like learning a new language, practicing an instrument, playing games, or exploring your artistic skills keeps your cognitive function high. As you age, that’s increasingly important, as studies show that memory loss and cognitive function often decline as you get older.

8. Kick the Butts

If you’re already a smoker, you might assume that it’s too late to drop your habit and have it take any effect. But even at an advanced age, smoking cessation can add years back into your timeline and improve the quality of those years. Not smoking helps prevent chronic disease, improves your senses of smell and taste, improves lung function, and enhances your energy.

9. Sleep Well

Getting quality sleep can become an issue as we age.  Poor sleep can drain mental and physical energy throughout the course of the day. Try things like only going to bed when you’re actually tired, taking enough time to wind down before you turn out the lights, creating a restful and comfortable sleep environment, and developing bedtime rituals that mentally and psychologically prepare you to go to sleep

10. Stay Engaged

When you’ve retired, it can seem as though there is un-fillable time during the day. Use those newly-found hours to explore your hobbies and interests and try new things. Staying joyful and excited is critical in giving you mental energy and enthusiasm for life– regardless of how old you are.

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