fun things to do with grandchildren

“Nothing pleases me more than a phone call from one of my sons to tell me my grandchildren are on the way to spend the afternoon with my husband and I. As a grandparent, I simply love spending time with my grandkids. However, what can we do together that is fun both for us, the grandparents, and the grandkids?” – Mrs. T

There’s no better way to build senior health than the happiness of enjoying your grandchildren.

Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

Outdoor or Indoor Scavenger Hunts are Great Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids

Kids simply love treasure hunts. For outdoor scavenger hunts, make a list of things your grandchild can find in your backyard or when both of you take a walk. The list can include a red leaf, a flower petal, a rock, a feather or a twig. For older kids, instead of a list, you can write clues that rhyme so they first have to figure out what to look for.Another way to have them do a scavenger hunt is to do it with a camera. Kids love to take pictures with a camera. They can take pictures with the camera of things that begin with a letter of their name or the alphabet.

Bring Back Your Favorite Childhood Games for Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

Remember your childhood games such as Red Light, Green Light; Simon Says; and Rock, Scissor, Paper. You and your grandchild can have lots of fun playing them. You might also try those paper and pen games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman. You had fun playing these games as a child and so will your grandchild today.

One of the Most Fantastic Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids is Showing them Photo Albums or Photos of their Parent

Show your grandchild photo albums or just photos of their parent. You’ll see that they really enjoy seeing their parent when he or she was the same age or younger than the child. This would also be a great time to talk about when their mom or dad said their first word or took his or her first step. Grandkids especially like to hear about when their parent was funny or naughty.

One of the Grandparent Activities You Can Try is Playing Video Games with Your Grandchild

Give your grandchild a chance to be a teacher by allowing him or her to teach you how to play a video game. Your grandchild can show you how they play the game and the games they like best. If you don’t catch on, don’t worry. Your being a klutz will only make it more fun for your grandkids.

Playing Cards or Board Games

Kids love to compete with Grandma or Grandpa. Grandparents activities such as gin rummy, bridge or Mah Jongg card games are a way to acquaint your grandchild with new experiences and also show them the kinds of things you enjoy. If you lose, that’s even better. Grandkids love to win when playing with Grandma or Grandpa.

Bake Cookies or Cupcakes for Fun Things to do with Grandchildren

You and your grandkids will have a great time baking cookies or cupcakes. The children will also enjoy decorating the cookies with icing tubes or icing the cupcakes. Children love to do adult things and baking is certainly one they will thoroughly enjoy. Of course, eating the cookies or cupcakes will also be loads of fun.

There are lots of Fun Things to do with Grandchildren Online

The Kidz Page site has games, puzzles, coloring and a fun room. You and your grandchild will enjoy competing and playing together.
The Knowledge Adventure also has loads of fun games.
Animal Jam also offers free games.
• Hundreds of games can be found on the Nick site.

Family visitors are always encouraged at Watermark. The more time you spend with your grandchildren, the happier you will be. You will enjoy doing the above activities with your grandchildren, and they will especially enjoy their visits with their grandma and/or grandpa.