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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Facility

memory care facility
When your parents or other senior loved ones start to show signs of memory loss, the choice for care can seem unclear. Traditional assisted living homes may have limited resources, but a specialized memory care facility may be the right choice for your loved one. Providing best care available can give you peace of mind and your senior with the best quality of life.

1. Worth the Expense

A memory care facility is likely to be more expensive than assisted living: the average monthly cost in Florida is $3,817 but may be as high as $5,795. While these numbers are intimidating, these facilities offer 24-hour supervised memory care and are equipped with highly specialized nurses and caretakers. The enrichment programs are specialized to help care for memory loss patients and more intensive, hands-on help can keep your loved one from struggling with daily tasks. Transportation to and from medical appointments and excursions ensure the best care possible. Medicare, Medicaid, and other services may help to reduce the out-of-pocket cost.

2. Designed for Dementia Care

While assisted care communities are larger and more luxurious, a memory care community is specifically designed for dementia care. Larger and more expansive facilities can be overwhelming or even distressing to seniors with memory loss. These facilities are designed by dementia care experts to be secure, safe and easy to navigate. Essential care elements to look for include therapy gardens, and if the facility is secure and homelike. The nursing stations and uniforms common in other homes are absent in memory care because research shows the less clinical the facility looks, the better for the quality of care.

3. Programs for Behavioral Issues

A memory care facility will have programs designed to help with challenges such as wandering, confusion and mood swings. Reminiscence therapy, circular and color coded community layouts and other amenities such as libraries and secure gardens can reduce the stress and anxiety that contributes to behavior problems. Trained nurses and caregivers can de-escalate stressful situations in which family members can be unsure of what to do. To prevent dangerous wandering, doors leading into the secure gardens or courtyards are clearly marked, and exits to the outside are disguised.

4. Improving Safety and Quality of Life

Hands-on nursing care offers more advanced assistance to seniors. Daily tasks become more difficult to dementia sufferers, and in-house caregivers can provide skilled help with everyday chores like laundry, food preparation, and cleaning assistance. Living in a community also removes the danger of wandering and getting lost, and ensures that your loved one will adhere to medication schedules and maintain proper nutrition and wellness.

5. Serving Families and Their Loved Ones

In a memory care facility, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved one is getting the best possible care. The stress of providing care for elderly parents can be wearing. Centers often have outreach programs to keep the rest of your family members involved in your senior’s care. Rather than having to devote hours a day to care and having to worry constantly about when your loved one is alone, you can rest assured that highly trained caregivers are always available.

6. Community Structure

In some assisted living facilities, the memory care unit is separate and can lead to patients feeling isolated and alone. In a specialized facility, the patients live in a community together to promote feelings of security. Group therapies and activities help dementia patients who may otherwise often feel lost and alone. The homelike environment, as opposed to a clinical one, encourages residents to explore their surroundings and feel safer.

7. Above All, Research

Research facilities near you and schedule trips and tours, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about programs and activities offered at each location. Above all, you know your senior best and can decide what his or her needs entail, whether it be medical assistance, daily meals or help with chores. Enrichment programs offered often include art therapy, excursions or fitness classes, which may also be helpful when making a decision. The best way to get to know a center is to schedule a tour and trust your gut instinct as to whether your loved one will thrive there.

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