assisted living care team
The entire team at a assisted living community will be integral in ensuring that your loved one is comfortable in his/her new home. Often, the residents and the caregivers will eventually become good friends as they begin to trust each other. As a result of this close collaboration assisted living facilities must learn the importance of building a great staff.

Successful Teams

An excellent assisted living care team will positively affect a resident’s senior living experience. While the need for round-the-clock care can be humbling, the process doesn’t have to be dreadful. To ensure that a geriatric establishment is running properly, the facility must have an efficient assisted living care team that is skilled in helping you navigate through one of the most challenging chapters in your life. Furthermore, the team must fully understand the challenges associated with a resident losing his/her independence.

Personal Development

The success of an organization is largely dependent on the personal development of its staff. Many effective companies provide growth opportunities through regular training and educational programs. Additionally, the facility should ensure that the employees remain current on their licenses and certifications.

Communication Matters

The ability to communicate effectively is the foundation of most successful assisted living facilities. When employees express their ideas and concerns efficiently, residents and family members are able to make informed decisions about their medical care. Most employees rely on the following tools for great communication: walkie-talkies, computerized systems, phones, and emails.

Better Together

A team-work focused approach is perhaps the only way to ensure excellent medical care. The entire assisted living care team including kitchen staff, physical therapists, and nurse managers need to work together to provide the best quality of life possible for you or your loved ones. One way to accomplish this goal is to implement a system that promotes a professional yet harmonious environment. Regular using electronic charts and participating in frequent meetings might guarantee that everyone is on the same page. Another proven method that will encourage teamwork is to create an atmosphere of transparency. In other words, the staff should understand that it’s ok to ask qualifying questions and to request help with tasks as needed.

Beyond Today

Although every state has rules and regulations that assisted living facilities must uphold, committed employees must continually research practices that surpass the basic level of care. Many times employees are not taught in training the specific skills to ensure that residents remain happy. By simply using the right body language and practicing active listening, the assisted living care team can develop a senior living atmosphere that promotes respect and dignity. For example, affirmative nods can be used to acknowledge the residents’ thoughts while eye contact can confirm an employees’ interest in the conversation. Most importantly, the residents of a great assisted living facility should be the top priority.

A Place to Call Home

Situated near the beautiful beaches in Florida, Watermark of Gulf Breeze is dedicated to offering unprecedented long-term care to its residents. The assisted living facility’s highly trained staff will make sure that your stay is comfortable by providing excellent customer service. Watermark of Gulf Breeze’s primary goal is to honor the residents with respect, compassion, dignity, and integrity. Take a virtual tour of our community or schedule a free tour today!