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November is Family Stories Month

Be a History Buff in Family Stories Month Everyone has a personal history. And as the years pass, that history becomes richer and more interesting. The importance of sharing your own history, along with the history of those who came before you, increases as you age.  It is important that your family knows who you…

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Eye Disease in Later Years

Focusing on Vision in the Later Years Age brings a multitude of health concerns, not the least of which is a decline in vision due to age-related eye disease. Vision changes start in mid-life, usually in your 40s. And whether that change brings with it a need for reading glasses or an increased difficulty in…

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Healthy Diet Tips for Senior Life

Healthy eating is important at any age, whether you’re eight or 88. But there are certain age-related changes that make having a balanced and healthy diet even more important in your older years. For starters, the metabolism begins to slow, which means your calories requirements naturally go down. There are, however, certain vitamins and nutrients…

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10 Helpful Hints to Boost Your Energy

Feeling youthful and energetic can be a challenge even when youth is actually on your side. But as you age, energy levels can drop significantly, leaving you feeling as though your vitality and vigor are but a distant memory. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to boost your energy naturally, giving…

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Top 5 Podcasts for Seniors

What is a Podcast? A podcast may sound like entertainment reserved for the tech savvy, but listening to a podcast is no more complicated than watching a YouTube video. Podcasts are simply free audio programs you can listen to online or download from the Internet. They cover an almost infinite number of topics, from golf…

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Understanding Activities of Daily Living

How ADLs and IADLs Factor Into Decision-Making Unless you’re familiar with senior care, you might not have reason to think about the ways age can take a toll on certain functions of daily life. Two acronyms – ADL and IADL – are ones that come into increasing use when dealing with the process of aging…

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10 Amazing Benefits of Aging

benefits of aging

Many people fear growing old, and nobody can blame them since old age is usually associated with many undesirable things. Besides death, which we can all agree tops the list, others include vulnerability to diseases and reduced physical and mental strength. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Every cloud has a silver lining. Getting…

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