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A Guide to Financial Planning for Elderly Parents

financial planning for elderly parents

It is inevitable, and not necessarily enjoyable, to begin financial planning for elderly parents. Discussing finances with your aging parents can be tough, but necessary. In this article, you will glean a few tips on how to begin financial planning for your elderly parents. Start Early – Before a Crisis If your parents are in…

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Remember the Fallen on Patriot Day in Pensacola

remember the fallen

Patriot Day will forever be a remembrance for Americans; moreover, it’s one that continues to bring the country together in a united cause against evil and to remember the fallen throughout history. The annual observance takes place Sept. 11 in memory of those lost and injured during the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington D.C.,…

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Exploring High-Quality Assisted Living Communities

happy people in an assisted living community

There are many assisted living communities available nowadays. That doesn’t mean, though, that they are all the same. Far from that. If you are currently exploring your options in assisted living communities, you should take your search 100 percent seriously. A great assisted living community can mean the difference between happiness and unhappiness for a resident.…

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