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There are many assisted living communities available nowadays. That doesn’t mean, though, that they are all the same. Far from that. If you are currently exploring your options in assisted living communities, you should take your search 100 percent seriously. A great assisted living community can mean the difference between happiness and unhappiness for a resident. Locating the ideal assisted living facility is something that requires a considerable amount of dedication, time and focus. It’s not something you should ever attempt to do quickly or rashly.

How to Recognize a Great Assisted Living Community

Pinpointing a great assisted living facility may seem like an intimidating and stressful task. These useful tips, however, can help point you in the right direction.

1. Make Cleanliness and Hygiene Focal Points

It’s critical to prioritize communities that have neat, meticulously clean and healthy feels. Take note of any and all details. Don’t focus solely on furniture. Find out about housekeeping and maintenance service frequency. Don’t forget about laundry access, either. Don’t ignore the presence of any unpleasant smells. Odors often point to issues. They frequently signify hygiene trouble. It’s especially crucial to focus on lingering smells that seem to be around regardless of where you go in a facility.

2. Stop By While Activities Are Going On

Aim to set up your facility tour while activities are going on. It can be nice to view events in action. Speak with a community manager and find out if you are allowed to join in on the fun. If you get approval, you should ask yourself several questions. Does this center focus on activities and events that are suitable for your family member? Do people seem to care about its activities and events? Are the employees engaged and interested? If a community’s events and activities give you a positive vibe, that’s a good sign.

3. Concentrate on Staff Member Behavior

A courteous, patient, reliable and knowledgeable staff is essential for any facility. Watch team members when they communicate with residents. If you see employees who are passionate, attentive and thoughtful, that’s undoubtedly a good thing. If you witness employees, on the other hand, who avoid eye contact and who seem like they are barely listening, that’s most certainly not. Your aim should be to select a facility that has a caring, compassionate and detail-oriented staff that goes the extra mile. If a facility’s staff members turn you off, you should look elsewhere.

4. Check Out Outdoor Sections

Warm and beautiful temperatures make people feel great. That’s the reason outdoor access is such a wonderful thing. If you want to figure out whether a facility is a good fit for your family member, you should check out its outdoor sections in significant detail. Ask yourself if its outdoor sections are welcoming, clean and pleasant. Ask yourself if they seem safe and comfortable, too.

5. Have a Meal

Comfortable and pleasant dining is vital for any lifestyle. You should, because of that, take the time to eat a meal during your facility tour. Find out about meal choices, dining hours and etiquette. Eating a meal gives you the chance to test out the community’s food. It gives you the chance to perhaps strike up a few conversations with residents, too.

6. Learn About Safety and Security

Community safety is imperative. Make a point to learn about safety and security components that are accessible at any facility. Look for clean and convenient restrooms that are equipped with grab bars. Learn about what residents should do in the event of emergencies. Ask about the availability of registered nurses as well. Safety and security information will help you feel comfortable and at ease with your facility choice.

7. Learn About Personal Care

Go above and beyond to learn about personal care. Discuss activities of daily living. Examples are bathing and grooming needs. Look at the residents you come across. Do they look clean? Do they have clean fingernails, hair, and clothing? How does their apparel look in general? Is it wrinkled? You should prioritize communities that have residents that always look nicely groomed.

8. Speak to Residents and Their Family Members

It can be smart to speak with community residents and their family members to get insight. Do the residents you speak with seem happy? Are their family members content, too? Steer clear of facilities that seem to be chock-full of miserable residents and relatives.

9. Learn About Move-Out Rules

Relocation can be a hassle for anyone. That’s the reason you should learn about any move-out rules that may be in place for facilities. Does this community ever ask its residents to relocate? If so, for what reasons? Is ample notice necessary?

10. Go With Your Gut

When you are on your community tour, clearly picture life at this facility. If it makes you smile, that’s good news. If it doesn’t, that likely means that you should continue searching. Your gut is probably right!

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