FAQs About Assisted Living

We're providing frequently asked questions about assisted living and our assisted living facility.  Get the answers you need about: 

happy resident at watermark assisted living facility

FAQs About Assisted Living

We're providing frequently asked questions about assisted living and our assisted living facility.  Get the answers you need about: 

happy resident at watermark assisted living facility


Care Plans and Safety

What Type of Support and Care Do You Offer?
We provide residents with numerous care choices. These choices, apart from assisted living, also include respite and independent living. Respite care can be suitable for people in need of temporary accommodations.

Can Watermark of Gulf Breeze Assist an Aging Mother or Father Who Has Fallen in the Past?
Our center offers in-depth support to residents who have experienced previous falls. We provide residents with access to nursing care. We also give them access to various other medical support sources. We have a fall prevention program that aims to keep residents safe from potential injuries.

Does Watermark of Gulf Breeze Accept Residents Who Have Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease?
Yes, we do. We have Specialty Care options that can accommodate their highly personalized needs. Our trained professionals can provide them with the in-depth support that's specific to their conditions as well.

Does Watermark of Gulf Breeze Offer a Medication Management Program to Residents?
Yes, indeed. Our nurses have the ability to accommodate our resident's medication management needs. They can also aid them with medication in general.

Is Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation Available at Watermark of Gulf Breeze?
Yes. Both of those options are available to our residents via an outside organization.

How Can I Figure Out My Specific Care Level?
Our staff members will head straight to your home to conduct an in-depth evaluation. This will help us select a care level that's best for you. We have linked to an assessment form here.

How Many Staff Members Do You Have? What's the Employee and Resident Ratio?
This always varies and is based on the abilities of the residents we have at the time. We sometimes have more staff members. We sometimes have less, too. When we have larger numbers of residents who need highly attentive care and support, we have a bigger staff. This is something that constantly changes for us. We currently have 14 Specialty residents living here. We have two nurses in that sector. This brings us to a 7:1 ratio. We have 79 Assisted Living residents at the moment. We have a total of eight nurses in that sector, too. This gives us an 8:1 ratio.

Does Watermark of Gulf Breeze Give Residents Access to Physicians?
Our facility collaborates closely with a doctor. This physician makes routine and frequent visits to Watermark of Gulf Breeze, too.

Are Your Staff Members Trained?
Yes. Our staff members complete comprehensive ACHA (Alzheimer Care Houses Association) training without exception.

Is 24/7 Nursing Available at Watermark of Gulf Breeze?
The nurses on our staff are on the premises between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM each day.

How Does Watermark of Gulf Breeze Deal With Medical Emergencies?
We have on-call nurses accessible around the clock. If we assess a resident and decide that he or she requires additional medical care, we take prompt action, too.

Can I Have Examples of Independent Living and Assisted Living Services Watermark Offers?
We offer ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) here. Our staff members assist residents with a vast range of activities. They regularly accompany residents on grocery store trips. They help them get dressed for the day. They take them to doctor's appointments. The options are abundant.


What Is the Cost of Senior Living?
We figure costs out by care level and accommodations. Our residents live in different kinds of apartments, and that's always a big cost factor.

What Do the Costs Cover?
We provide our residents with three daily meals. We also provide them with entertainment, laundry service, housekeeping service, outings, recreational activities and medical appointment transportation.

Detail the Financial Options That Exist. Can Senior Care Be More Budget-Friendly?
Available financial options include the Medicaid Waiver Program and VA Aid and Attendance.

Touring and Visits

How Can I Visit a Watermark of Gulf Breeze Resident?
You can schedule an appointment in advance. You can also walk in whenever you wish. The choice is entirely yours.

Activities and Programming

What Are Some Examples of Your Available Activities?
Watermark of Gulf Breeze has a monthly activity calendar available to everyone on our website. We also send out monthly activity emails. Some of our activities are painting, games, workout sessions, movie nights, trivia, arts and crafts, bingo and singing.

Do You Have Activities That Are Suitable for Residents With Memory Troubles or Dementia?
We have a Lifestyle Enrichment Director who has extensive training and because of that can accommodate all of our residents' specific activity requirements and needs.

Do You Give Residents the Option to Request Certain Preferred Activities?
Yes, they can request any activities they wish. We prefer it when they give suggestions.

Amenities and Environment

How Old Are Assisted Living Residents Typically?
We have residents who are in their forties. We also have some residents who are centenarians.

Discuss the Dining Program. Do Residents Eat Three Times a Day? Do They Exclusively Eat During Mealtimes?
Three eat three times a day just as they do at home.

Do Residents Receive Transportation for Medical Purposes? Do They Receive Transportation for Activities in General?
Yes, they do. We provide residents with transportation for church events, doctor's appointments, and other assorted activities.

Do You Have Visiting Hour Limitations?
No. Our doors are equipped with codes. Visitors can call us to get access.

Are Pets Permitted?
Yes. If residents can look after them properly, they can live here.

Moving-in Process and Short-Term Stays

When Can Residents Move Into Watermark?
We offer immediate and same-day relocation assistance.

Can Residents Move in With Their Own Furniture?
Yes. The rooms are bare.

Does Watermark Offer Furniture?
We offer furniture for respite care residents.

Do Residents Have to Sign Leases at Watermark?
We have monthly agreements.

Are Short-Term Stays Available?
They're available solely to respite care residents.

Can Couples Move to Watermark?

What Makes Watermark of Gulf Breeze Unique

Why Does Watermark Stand Out?
We're an assisted living facility that genuinely prioritizes freedom, independence, and in-depth care and support.

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Watermark of Gulf Breeze Assisted Living is committed to providing exceptional quality care and customer service. We honor our residents’ individuality and independence with heartfelt compassion, integrity and genuine respect.