What Impacts Your Quality of Life?

January brings with it a number of things: A new year, but also things to be more aware of. We take stock of our health with little reminders like resolutions and public service announcements about awareness for conditions that could reduce our quality of life and use them as prompts to mark check-ups on our calendar. The eye exam in January for National Glaucoma Awareness Month, the physical in February for heart awareness…the list goes on and on. As the beginning of the newly changed calendar year, January has also become known as International Quality of Life Month, a month during which we evaluate the very things that make up our lives like the state of our relationships, our health, our finances, our fitness level, our happiness at work and our spirituality.

Quality of Life and Finding Your Purpose

Reflecting on quality of life also leads to reflection on your life’s purpose and how you may or not be fulfilling it. The older we become, the fewer years are left to change the way we live out the purpose we have. Regardless of age, however, it’s never too late to improve the parts of our lives that will make us happier and feel more fulfilled.

Identifying your purpose in life purpose is a key element in being able to appreciate your own contribution to the world and in the lives of the people around you. It can be easy to lose sight of that and feel directionless and as though your presence no longer matters – especially the older you become and the more the world changes. Always remember, though: You matter. Your life has made a difference, and you can continue to make a difference even as you age.

We will all regret things in our lives, but we can all do something about not continuing the cycle of what we will regret. A few ways we can do that is by:

· Taking more time to reflect on the things in your life currently and appreciating them to their fullest

· Being more courageous about the things you do – both on your own, as well as with others

· Thinking about your purpose in the world and exploring it in all the ways that you can

The quality of your life will be deeply affected by being able to identify your purpose and how you are fulfilling that purpose. But how you live also depends greatly on the state of your health, your fitness and the relationships you have. If you have a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy relationships, you’ll be better able to prosper and live the rest of your life to its fullest.

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