Assisted Living Homes
As you age, there may come a time when you face the possibility of needing to move from fully independent living to one of the assisted living homes in your area or in an area close by to a loved one. But how do you recognize the signs that assisted living homes are even a necessity for you? There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself honesty that will help you in making that decision.

Self-Assessing Your Needs

Do you need help in daily tasks that your friends and family are unable to provide? Assisted living homes offer on-site support staff to help you with things like bathing, walking, and even meals, so that your daily life is less stressful for you and less demanding on the abilities of your loved ones.

Another consideration is any loneliness or feelings of isolation that you may face by being home alone all of the time. Assisted living homes offer a more social environment, in a community of other individuals who are at the same stage in life that now find yourself. Making friends and maintaining a more socially active lifestyle can help ward off depression, and assisted living homes are full of opportunities to provide for that active and social way of life.

Do you feel safe at home? If your mobility has become a concern, and moving easily around the house has become a struggle or you worry about injuries or experiencing an emergency without easily being able to reach help, assisted living may benefit you and help put your mind at ease.

Transportation is also a common concern that can be alleviated by assisted living homes. Many aging individuals are no longer able to drive; but these facilities are equipped to handle the transportation needs of their residents in taking them to appointments, on shopping trips, and on other outings so that being housebound is not an issue.

Parental Guidance

If you’re not at the age of needing an assisted living facility for yourself but have a parent who might be, there are some signs to be aware of, including:

  • Depression
  • Declining level of self-care such as poor hygiene or repeatedly wearing the same clothing
  • Lack of maintenance around the house
  • Frequent injuries such as bruising
  • Anger or aggressive behavior

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