Plan Ahead with Long-Term Care Insurance

It’s amazing to realize, but 70 percent of all people who live past the age of 65 will need long-term care. It’s important to know that the level of care you need will require the financial ability to cover the cost. Putting a plan in place to provide for your future needs is a vital part of living wisely and approaching the aging process thoughtfully and responsibly.


Even older adults who have close family members who are willing to help with their care may not feel comfortable placing that amount of financial or emotional stress on their loved ones. Many people are reticent to ask family to help with more personal aspects of care. Having the help of a trained long-term care professional can put them more at ease in this difficult situation.


That’s Policy

A long-term care insurance policy will provide the finances necessary to cover the associated cost of private, in-home long-term care or the money needed to pay for placement in a long-term care facility or community. For seniors facing these decisions, long-term care insurance can offer great peace of mind and relieve the concern that care may fall on the shoulders of their loved ones.


Unfortunately, long-term care can deplete even substantial funds that may have been set aside for such needs, as these costs often change and unforeseen circumstances may arise. The various options available in long-term insurance plans offer invaluable benefits for individuals as they age. As you consider your own needs for a plan, it’s best to seek out the guidance of a professional who can fully discuss each option in detail and provide you with advice that will help determine the best policy for your own future needs.


There are policies that offer coverage for care if and when the need arises, but there are also plans that combine long-term care coverage with the financial benefits of whole life insurance. For these policies, named beneficiaries receive the monies not used in the event that your death occurs before long-term care has been needed. These policies also offer the option that you may have part or all of your paid premiums returned to you in the event that you no longer wish to keep the long-term care coverage. For individuals who may not wish to use liquid assets, an IRA, 401K or pension may often be used to purchase policies.


Having peace of mind over the future is priceless. But with so much in life that is beyond our own control, finding security can sometimes seem impossible. Taking the initiative to purchase long-term care insurance can offer you a sense of reassurance that, even in the midst of so much uncertainty, you’ll be well taken care of and better able to enjoy your life.


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