Stay Out of Hot Water in Bath Safety Month

January is definitely one for the calendars. It’s the beginning of the New Year as well as National Glaucoma Awareness Month and International Quality of Life Month. But did you also know that it’s National Bath Safety Month? Seems like something that should need no reminders, but bathing safely can become an issue as we get older. Our reflexes change, balance decreases and our bones become more brittle with each year that goes by. This is precisely why taking steps to be safer during bath time is so very important.

Bath-related accidents are extremely commonplace for seniors, but they still somehow manage to be overlooked as a cause for concern. Taking a bath is an ordinary part of everyday life, something that we’ve all done too many times to count over the course of our lives. And so we take it for granted as something that should be able to be done without much thought, but not being mindful is the very thing that can lead to serious accidents. Fortunately, bathroom falls can be prevented quite simply if you take the time to take proper precautions that will make your bathroom a safer place.

Soak Up the Safety Tips

To decrease the risk of falling in the bathroom, take stock of your surroundings and make any changes that will make it safer for you.

· Install non-slip strips or rubberized mats on the floor of your bathtub

· Make sure that your tub or shower is equipped with reachable, sturdy safety handles for climbing in and out

· Install safety handles or support bars near the toilet

· Lay a non-slip rug or mat on the floor in front of the bathtub or shower

· Keep the bathroom floor clean and free of spills that will make the floor slippery

· Install a portable phone in the bathroom that can be used in an emergency

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