Be a History Buff in Family Stories Month

Everyone has a personal history. And as the years pass, that history becomes richer and more interesting. The importance of sharing your own history, along with the history of those who came before you, increases as you age.  It is important that your family knows who you are and who they are as a result. During Family Stories Month in November, make it your focus to bond with your family members and share memories with them. You have unique stories to tell, and that’s an invaluable part of your ever-growing family history.


Kid Around

Relive your childhood. Your own childhood was likely very different than that of your children or grandchildren, and telling them about those days can bring you closer and give them a better understanding of the person you are. If you have photo albums or mementos, take time to show them and discuss the memories associated with them.


Phone a Friend

Reach out to friends who have known you many years and have them share their own memories of their past with you. These are memories that can spark interest and be the source of great fun, and you’ll have the chance to reminisce about things you might have forgotten.


Work It

Share your stories about the jobs you’ve had. Times have changed and so have things like wages, industries and even lifestyles that occupations often afford. Your own work history can be a great way to compare notes and offer some insight into the many ways the modern world has progressed.


Sing It Out

Hit some high notes by listening to songs that were your favorites or played a significant role in the soundtrack of your life. It can be fun to teach the lyrics of those songs to younger generations of your family or busting out with some popular dance moves of the day.


Hit the Screening Room

Have movie night or queue up some old-school shows that were popular when you were younger. Watching them with your loved ones is a great way to share some laughs or connect with a memory you have from those days.


Start Something

Begin your very own traditions and carve out time that’s dedicated solely to you and your children or grandchildren. Turn off the technology and do something together that gives you a chance to talk and focus on one another and build memories that will last forever.


Be a Do-Gooder

If you can, volunteer alongside your family members. You’ll be giving back and creating memories together that they can carry with them, and you’ll be teaching them the importance of selfless acts of kindness.


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