senior driving

Driving a vehicle is an important and significant responsibility. People should always do anything they can to ensure complete safety on the road. That's precisely why it's so crucial for senior citizens to understand the potential effects medications can have on driving. The use of medication can be problematic to drivers in a number of key ways. Medication, first and foremost, can make people feel excessively sleepy and drowsy. This understandably is a recipe for disaster for drivers who need to pay careful attention to their surroundings at all times. Medication use can also lead to issues with focus and considerable delays in response times. These effects are all things that can be major dangers to drivers. They can be substantial risks to their passengers and to everyone else on the road as well.

Senior Driving Dangers

Medication effects on driving are a particularly big concern for senior citizens. This is due to the simple fact that prescription medication use is higher in older individuals. The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics indicates that persons who are between the ages of 65 and 79 generally get 27 plus prescriptions each year. Elderly drivers should all take the time to learn about the possible hazards. Medications of all different varieties can be dangerous as well. These include muscle relaxers, allergy medicines, and even pain relievers. These three kinds of medications can all be especially dangerous, too. They frequently bring on driving difficulties that are notably severe. People who have concerns about senior driving should also take note of the problems that are associated with the use of numerous medications at the same time. The use of multiple medications simultaneously can often exacerbate side effects that are already troubling enough.

What Senior Citizens Can Do

Senior citizens who drive don't have to sit back and feel vulnerable to all of the possible issues. They can take action. An in-depth senior driving evaluation is a smart idea. Elderly drivers should discuss scheduling these comprehensive assessments with their healthcare providers. Other convenient solutions are available to seniors, too. They can take advantage of public transportation. They can request rides from trusted family members, neighbors, and friends, as well.

The Fit2Drive App

Living with dementia is a difficult reality that many senior citizens have to face on a daily basis. Senior citizens who have dementia do not have the cognitive skills that are vital for safe driving practices. The fantastic news is that the new Fit2Drive calculator is available to save the day. Seniors who wish to assess their cognitive skills can rely on this calculator. If you're a senior, who wants to know if you should continue driving, reach out to your doctor as soon as possible to learn more. Your doctor may be able to analyze your cognitive condition using the app. This, in turn, may be able to do wonders for your peace of mind and overall safety. Those things are priceless.

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