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What Are the Normal Age Related Changes of Senior Citizens?

At Watermark of Gulf Breeze located in Gulf Breeze, Fla., we want you to understand the normal signs of aging that make it easy to remain independent and the unusual physical signs of aging that indicate that it is time to move into an assisted living environment.

1: Changes In Your Visual Acuity

You may notice that it is more difficult to see the fine details of objects, and this might indicate a minor visual problem that is correctable with prescription eyeglasses. Alternatively, you might need surgery because you have a cataract. In rare cases, declining vision is caused by macular degeneration. If you are having problems seeing properly, then it is not safe to drive a vehicle, and you are more likely to fall while walking on a stairway.

2: Loss of Muscle Strength

Additional normal signs of aging will include the loss of muscle strength, but these changes occur differently in each senior citizen. You may notice more wrinkles on your face that change your facial appearance, but the loss of muscle strength in your body is often what makes it difficult for you to perform normal daily activities. In many cases, you can improve your body’s muscle strength by consuming a more nutritious diet and exercising frequently.

3: Having Dental Health Issues

If you can’t chew healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit, then it is essential to visit a dentist. An important part of your senior health is ingesting enough minerals and vitamins. Today, dentists have better ways to repair damaged teeth or to replace missing teeth. In addition to having cavities filled or crowns placed on your teeth, a dentist can design dental bridges and false teeth. It is also possible to have missing teeth replaced with natural-looking dental implants.

4: Memory or Cognitive Losses

The loss of some your brain’s cognitive functions or memories is part of the normal signs of aging, but when there are major changes in the way that your brain is working, you must have a specialized medical examination. Today, numerous elderly individuals are being diagnosed with dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. If you have Parkinson’s disease or some other type of dementia, then it is possible to receive individualized senior care to decrease the speed of your mental and physical decline.

5: Unusual Skin Discolorations

If you notice any unusual skin discolorations, then it is essential to undergo cancer screening by a dermatologist. In the past, protective skin care products containing sun protection factor ingredients were not available, and a senior citizen is more likely to develop skin cancer. With fast and appropriate treatment for a cancerous skin growth or mole, you can survive having skin cancer.

6: Difficulties With Your Mobility

Many senior citizens begin to have problems with their mobility because of arthritic conditions that cause loss of bone or changes in the joints. If you have arthritis, then a physician can provide medications and treatments to improve your well-being. You can also use assistive devices such as a walker to maintain your balance or a grabbing tool to pick up items from the floor.

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