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Stay Sharp Using Cognitive Exercises For Seniors

cognitive exercises for seniors
Many people find it helpful to do different kinds of physical exercises as they get older, and many community centers and assisted living facilities offer such programs. Many do not, however, think about memory exercises for seniors, and this can be an important part of keeping up a high quality of life. Fortunately, there are many different cognitive exercises for seniors they can do on their own, and most of them are free to access and fun.

Riddle Me This

The acts of working through and solving different kinds of puzzles are excellent cognitive exercises for seniors. New challenges allow the brain to utilize parts of itself that might otherwise lay dormant. Working puzzles has been demonstrated to help memory care and cognitive functioning.

Such puzzles that may help are:

Sensory Overload Is Good. Well, maybe it’s not good, but it is good for you. Experiences that engage the five senses help keep the brain elastic and young. Listening to live music, getting a message from a friend, eating great food, check out beautiful art and being around beautiful smells all stimulate different parts of the brain and keep it firing. These experiences are all great cognitive exercises for seniors. Noticing and paying attention to these kinds of sensory details can help you retain memories and awareness.

Reading – The lifelong brain trainer

We know how good reading is for babies and small children, but are you aware of its benefits for later in life? Reading items like books, computer articles and newspaper articles are excellent cognitive exercises for seniors as they engage multiple parts of the brain at once. Reading helps in both word recall and reducing memory loss and has been shown to give your brain a boost.

Wanna play?

Playing card games, even on the computer or your phone, can be fun brain games for elderly. Playing chess or other tabletop games like Concentration will also help you keep your brain sharp, as well as provide you with a fun social activity. Engaging in some new apps on your iPhone can help, like Lumosity, Peak, or Elevate. Finally, you can make a game out of doing something differently than you have always done it. For example, brush your teeth or hair with your non-dominant hand.

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Like any muscle in your body, your brain needs regular exercise and memory care to stay in shape. Also, like with all exercises, it is important to do them consistently and to work different parts of the muscle. When you are considering assisted living in your home or an assisted living community, make sure the caregivers are prepared to help you keep all of your muscles strong, including your brain, with cognitive exercises for seniors. Watermark of Gulf Breeze has both independent and assisted living options that will help all aspects of a person stay healthy and working well: physical, mental, and social. Call the Watermark of Gulf Breeze today to book an appointment and learn ways they help seniors stay fit.