seniors having fun in respite care facility

Taking care of another person is one of most altruistic things a human being can do. Life as a caregiver, however, can also often be extremely tiring and demanding. If you are a hard-working caregiver who could use a little time away from the job, a high-quality respite care facility can accommodate all of your needs. Senior Respite care can even give you the opportunity to go on a wonderful and relaxing summer vacation. What could be better than enjoying a nice break without any interruptions or worries? Respite care also enables caregivers to re-energize themselves and get back on track.

Caregiver overworking is not at all an uncommon issue:

  • 29 percent of all caregivers have issues with work-life balance.
  • 35 percent of them lack sufficient personal time.

What Senior Respite Care Can Do for Families

Families can get a lot out of respite care for seniors. That’s because respite care gives family caregivers the ability to handle all sorts of things. It gives them the freedom to be able to travel to desired locations anywhere. It gives them the opportunity to manage all types of errands and responsibilities. It even gives them the chance to decompress and simply enjoy life. Respite services can help families in the event that caregivers get sick or experience injuries. They can assist families in times of severe weather conditions or pressing job matters.

Making Respite Care Arrangements

If you want to set up respite care for someone who means a lot to you, ample planning is essential. You should take the time to research reputable assisted living communities in your area that offer respite services. Try to reach out to your community of choice a minimum of one week in advance. If you have an urgent emergency request, however, the center may be able to accommodate your needs depending on availability. Same day assistance may even be accessible to you.

Respite Care Statistics

According to Family Caregiver Alliance, there are roughly 43.5 million caregivers in the United States who have not received financial compensation for their work in the past year. There are also roughly 15.7 million people in the United States who look after individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease or various other forms of dementia. Most individuals who are on the receiving end of care are female. Most people who offer care services are female as well.
Caregivers in the United States help individuals with all types of needs like:

  • Nursing and healthcare obligations
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Medication administration
  • Transportation
  • Dressing

Caregivers are on average 49.2 years of age. Recipients, on the other hand, are on average 69.4 years old.

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