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Technology Enhances Senior Living

technology being used by senoirs living at watermark

Technology is an essential part of any senior living campus. It serves many purposes including helping seniors keep up with friends and family who may not live close to them. Technology also helps residents in an assisted living community keep their minds engaged by learning new skills and information. Senior living communities use technology to help improve the care of their residents too. Technology has been used to further innovation in for senior living campuses and help seniors with memory loss live fuller lives.

Screen Time is Good

Tablets and iPads have been used in senior care to encourage senior exercises of the mind through the use of applications like Scrabble or solitaire. They can even help residents connect with family members that live far away. Getting older can sometimes mean that residents are unable to travel to see other family members or attend events. But with the advent of programs like Skype, being virtually present for significant events and staying connected has never been easier.

Using even bigger screens like those found in televisions and digital whiteboards take the technological possibilities for the next level. It allows residents to play games on screens that they can see even more clearly. And for assisted living residents who would love to travel and are unable to, travel shows offered on PBS, and other cable networks can bring them to new places to roam that they might not see otherwise.

Making Memory Care Better

Treating residents who have memory issues has also become easier through the use of technology. Monitoring the general health of these types of residents can sometimes be challenging due to behavior issues caused by memory loss. Companies like HealthSense offer remote monitoring of a resident’s vital signs and sleeping patterns. This information is sent to a remote dashboard, and when anomalies arise, users are notified remotely that an intervention may be needed.

Wandering is also a significant issue for seniors with memory issues. A new technology aims to change this. GPS Smart Soles provide reassurance for campuses which may have wandering seniors. The soles are ergonomic and placed in the shoes of a resident. From there, the person that needs to monitor the resident logs onto a provided website, sets a geofence, and monitors the resident using a smartphone. The soles work anywhere that a cellular tower is present. The best part about GPS Smart Soles is that they can be hidden inside shoes without the stigma that lock-on bracelets can bring.

An application called Companion helps to ensure that seniors with memory challenges stay healthy. Made by a company called SimpleC, Companion provides reminders for mealtimes and helps intervene to prevent agitation. It can be programmed with visual and audio cues as well as pictures to provide comfort to a resident in times of stress.

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Watermark of Gulf Breeze provides many levels of senior care including assisted living and memory care. The community is built around providing a safe and happy living environment for our residents with the support they need. This allows them to have the peace of mind that is necessary in order to live a life full of knowledge, discovery, and new experiences that they may not have be able to have anywhere else. Assistance is available 24 hours a day in our pet-friendly senior living campus. Book a tour with us today to experience Watermark of Gulf Breeze for yourself!