What is a Podcast?

A podcast may sound like entertainment reserved for the tech savvy, but listening to a podcast is no more complicated than watching a YouTube video.

Podcasts are simply free audio programs you can listen to online or download from the Internet. They cover an almost infinite number of topics, from golf and gardening to movies and science. You can listen on your computer or take them wherever you go on your smartphone. It’s like programming your own personal talk radio station!

Check out these podcasts for Seniors!

Here are a few of the top-rated podcasts for adults and seniors. Once you’ve tried a few, explore on your own and immerse yourself in a world of amateurs and experts alike sharing their ideas on your favorite subjects.

Lux Radio Theatre – Nothing like new technology to give you a blast from the past! Lux Radio Theatre originally aired as a radio show from 1934 to 1955. The program gave its listening audience across the country audio adaptations of Broadway plays and Hollywood films, often with an all-star cast of voices. You’ll even be entertained by the classic ads and jingles!

Freakonomics Radio – Don’t let the name throw you off. Freakonomics Radio may sound a little odd, but it is currently one of the highest rated podcasts for adult and senior listeners. Each program discusses how economics come into play in everything around us, from health and language to our lawns, sports, mattress stores, politics, shoes and pop culture. The program has an enormous archive, so you can begin by exploring the topics you love, then get hooked on the Freakonomics perspective and listen to them all.

America’s Test Kitchen Radio – A popular PBS program, America’s Test Kitchen is little science, a little food, and a lot of tips on how to make the most of your recipes. From classic cooking to nouvelle cuisine from around the world you’ll learn about culinary traditions and the history and science behind why we cook the way we do. Plenty of celebrity chefs stop by to stir the pot, too! Listen in as the team tests a diverse roster of recipes to find the right combination of ingredients, temperature and time for the perfect dish, then head to the kitchen to try it out for yourself.

This American Life – Podcasts mean you no longer have to sit in your parked car to finish up your favorite NPR broadcasts! The funny, infuriating and heartbreaking stories of This American Life have made it one of the most popular radio programs of all times. In fact, more than 2 million people download the This American Life podcast each week. Listen as Ira Glass guides you through a series of personal stories, each tied to a single topic, from relationships and politics to the trials of childhood. With an online archive of programs dating back to 1995, anyone can find more than a few shows to pique their interest.

The Handyguys Podcast – It’s hard to watch a home improvement show while you’re doing home improvement projects, but it’s easy to listen. Hosts Brian and Paul offer home repair and improvement advice that’s easy to follow while you work. They’ll help keep your house ship shape in every season while they share their personal anecdotes and takes on a variety of other topics.

Of course, not every podcast has to inform or excite the listener. If you have trouble sleeping, tune in to Sleep With Me, a podcast designed to be so boring that listeners find it nearly impossible to stay awake.

So stop compromising and start customizing! Put on those headphones and explore. There is a podcast – or a dozen – waiting out there just for you.